Shivering Heat


Shivering Heat is about a young college graduate that is struggling with her issues of trust after a home invasion robbery. She meets Reid Jamison, successful magnetic and powerful. Can love overcome the issues of big business, jealousy, illegal activities and competition?


To the casual observer, Elyse August has it together, but there are secrets behind her bright smile.
She’s beautiful, ambitious, and a good student. But the reality is that unless she finds meaningful employment soon, she’s going to be forced to move back home. She also struggles with the memory of a past trauma that few know about. The memory of that night is never far from her mind, and the burden of keeping it at bay wears on her. She is prone to snap from carefree and happy one moment to paralyzed by fear in the next. It’s exhausting.
Five years ago, she and her boyfriend, Alex, were attacked and brutalized during a home invasion. Their attackers were after something; this wasn’t a random crime. She’s still dealing with open wounds in her soul from that horrifying experience. She survived the attack, but their relationship didn’t. After being abandoned by her boyfriend, she struggles to trust.
When she meets the magnetic Reid Jamison, successful architectural consultant and philanthropist, she’s tempted to put her past behind her and try again. Her best friend, Penne, encourages her wounded friend to go for it with the handsome Reid. Soon, Elyse and Reid are on an erotic adventure to experience desire, jealousy, loyalty, and big business within the Blysse Building in Chicago.
Can this drop-dead-gorgeous man help her forget her past-or will private demons destroy any chance at happiness at his side?

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars. I was consumed by Shivering Heat!!
    By RUTHIE MANIER on August 19, 2016

    Drawn in from the first sentence and was sad to see the book end. I’d love to see it become a series. The characters were strong and believable. The story line Tressa created was well thought out and proves how things can change within the blink of an eye. The chemistry between Reid and Elyse was red hot and I loved the way he helped her trust again.

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